3D Vector Mapping – June 2014

Outline captures another high resolution imagery project (5cm GSD) and delivers elevation models, contours and 3D vector mapping products.

Walking into our modern looking Melbourne technical office and seeing our staff wearing what appear to be 60’s style sunnies and staring at a fuzzy computer screens, might resemble something of a time warp. But try a pair of these glasses on, and wow, terra-firma appears to jump out of the screen at you with crystal clarity. This is the world of vector mapping in 3 dimensions and essentially providing a low cost way of ‘virtually’ surveying a landscape. Vector mapping is done by placing marks on the map with the click of a mouse, leaving a point that has associated x, y, and z value attributes. We have not yet found a way of distributing the stereo images across cyberspace, but until then, you are welcome to come into our office and see exactly what it is that we do.