Multispectral imagery – Agriculture business benefits from new high resolution imagery – March 2013

When one of Australia’s large agricultural companies commissioned Outline to collect and process multispectral imagery of their 27,000 ha remotely located farming operations, the timing was perfect for the deployment of Outline’s latest sensor technology.

This allowed high resolution (20cm GSD) multispectral imagery to be captured in place of coarser imagery (50cm GSD). Apart from the spectral qualities and accuracy of the new imagery, one of the benefits of the technology is the ability to create an elevation model and derive contour maps from this. Customers can now get colour, near infra-red imagery and contours of their farms in a single pass. Plans are afoot to provide an online ordering system for the upcoming winter season where orders can be consolidated, thereby lowering the cost per hectare, but more on this in the months to come.