Australian Mining Review – Outline Global Profile – August 2014

Outline Global will be featuring in next month’s Australian Mining Review Aerial Surveying section. Please find a special profile on Outline’s unique approach below

Unique approach to aerial photography

While the popularity of drones as platforms for aerial survey has been on the rise, there is one growing Perth-based company that has designed and developed a unique approach to aerial

Outline Global director Ross Lewin said that since it was established in 2006, the company had developed a customer base around the ability to deliver high resolution imagery nationwide, at capture dates suitable to customers.

Mr Lewin said this was made possible through the use of portable camera systems that are moved around on commercial flights, not being fixed to any one aircraft, freeing them up to be flexible and cost effective.

This approach has gained a lot of traction, especially among mining companies. When it came time to refresh its aerial camera technology, Outline’s engineers decided to take advantage of the latest aerial camera and navigation advances.

They researched, designed and manufactured their own unique camera system pod that mounts securely on the wing strut of a range of light aircraft. The pod is designed to house up to four 80 megapixel cameras, avionics, power supply, GPS-IMU hardware, guidance equipment and data storage.

The system has been designed to capture imagery accurately and in stereo, allowing Outline to produce a range of downstream products such as digital surface models, terrain models and survey grade 3D vector mapping.