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Exciting opportunity available as

BUSINESS MANAGER (Melbourne based)

Outline Organisational Context

Our purpose at Outline Global is to reliably and safely deliver premium spatial data and innovative solutions, supporting our customers along their spatial journey.

We are Australia’s leading supplier of premium quality custom collect aerial imagery and LiDAR data and are leaders in applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Outline’s exceptional service record and reputation is driven by our focus on corporate culture together with the trust and psychological safety of our team. We will continue to grow, innovate, and deliver without accepting second best.

The Outline Global journey began in 2007 with a small team. Frustrated by the lack of advancement in the aerial survey technology, in 2015 we designed and commercialised the first Gtech™ Aerial Camera Pod system using global best of breed technology – the best money could buy. We now have a growing number of aerial imagery pods based on the original design and have added LiDAR and thermal camera systems. We are focused on implementing a well-considered growth plan and building out many more systems, products, and related AI services.

Our staff compliment is expanding to support this growth and the continued high demand for our services. Our primary data processing centre is located in Melbourne with significant operational presence in other states.

Position Purpose

  • Support, lead and inspire processing staff to promote efficient delivery of projects.
  • Nurture the psychological and workplace safety of staff.
  • Champion and drive the implementation of the ADAPT business framework across the organisation.
  • Ensure accountability for the management and smooth functioning of all aspects of Melbourne office.
  • Build and collaboratively implement practical, implementable business processes towards increased efficiency and productivity.

Organisational Leadership Team Context

This role will report into the Managing Director.

This role is accountable for supporting, managing, organising and leading the Melbourne based processing staff to achieve their goals, drive innovation and accountability, work towards sustainable solutions and engage proactively and respectfully with others.

The role includes accountability for the wholistic management of the Melbourne office, including the physical environment, IT systems, business and administrative processes.

This role plays a key part in supporting a positive, happy workplace where individuals are respected for their contributions.

Role Stack

  • Manager - Processing teams
  • Manager - Melbourne office
  • Manager - Quality and compliance
  • Leader - Culture and people
  • Co-ordinator - IT Infrastructure and systems


  • Culture and People
  • Data processing
  • Navigation Team


  • Manage and lead high performing processing teams, specifically in the Data Processing, LIDAR, and Insights teams.
  • Provide hands on project management support and coaching and to be accountable for managing workflows and delivery deadlines.
  • Realise areas for business improvement, analyse opportunities for improvement and present solutions based on sound business principles.
  • Responsible for finding solutions with Team Leaders and staff then socialising these and ensuring the effective implementation, support and follow up.
  • Be accountable for general office management, including IT infrastructure, systems and hardware and software procurement.
  • Provide support to build and report on business productivity and performance metrics, ensuring continuous process improvement and compliance.
  • Play a leading role in setting annual and quarterly objectives, determining key actions to achieve objectives.
  • Provide cultural leadership ensuring psychological safety, where team members are supported, and their wellbeing prioritised.
  • Drive the implementation of the organisational business framework across the organisation and develop the deepest understanding of the people and culture program in support of the Outline Way.
  • Support the organisational leadership team in implementing the habits that nurture effective teams and support the company purpose and values.


  • Demonstrable management experience: Proven track record of leadership in business management, including project management skills; people and culture leadership skills with a deep understanding of intrinsic motivators.
  • Proven business understanding and experience. Small to medium sized business experience an advantage.
  • Exceptional communication skills with the ability to communicate to develop understanding and ‘buy-in’.
  • The ability to influence people, to demonstrate the ‘why’, and to hold them to account in a transparent and psychologically safe way.
  • Ability to identify business process improvement opportunities through analysis.
  • Experience translating new ideas or processes into actionable, sustainable business systems or solutions. Be able and willing to get hands dirty.
  • Ability to understand and support IT infrastructure needs and improvements.
  • Ability to mentor new team leaders, supervisors and managers.
  • Remote sensing, GIS or general spatial industry experience: Technical literacy and the ability to understand technical language within the realm of the survey/spatial industry


  • Be engaging, energised, inspiring and relatable. Have a positive influence on colleagues and the office environment and help to make the workplace a fun place.
  • Operate from a place of authenticity and a deep level of care for people. Be a role model and lead from the front, while supporting from below.
  • Show respect for the knowledge and skills of the organisation and collaborate with staff to new ideas or changes to fruition while ensuring buy-in and team participation.
  • Make sound, qualified business decisions, giving due consideration to all factors and then communicate with clarity to inspire trust and confidence in others.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of business process, research, and bring rigour to underpin any new system changes. See changes through to completion with quality outputs within required timeframes. Follow up and support staff in implementing changes and ensure their success in execution.
  • Be an advocate for leadership and culture for sustainable business success and be an advocate for technology for continued business effectiveness.
  • Ensure that team members feel good about their role, delivery expectations and accountabilities. Hold them to account, providing advice, coaching and mentorship where required to improve performance and skill levels.
  • Be proactive, plan for and strive for excellence.
  • Inject character, personality and fun into the everyday.