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High Resolution Turtle Track Imagery

Willowbank track RGB Heatmap_Reds

Biosecurity AI

Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) are one of the most invasive species to reach
Australian shores posing a significant risk to the natural ecology since they were
first detected in 2001. RIFA have the potential to cause more damage to the natural
ecology than other known pests such as foxes, wild dogs and cats, camels, rabbits,
and cane toads combined. RIFA has cost billions of dollars to other economies,
hence the need to act fast in Australia. On-ground human and canine teams are used
to locate and eradicate RIFA nests. However, these teams are resource-intensive
and difficult to scale across large areas of land. Therefore, Outline sought to
investigate and develop a remote sensing solution using aerial imagery and
AI-generated insights to complement existing in-field surveillance efforts.

Boyup Landgate

Railway Corridor Mapping

Flood Image

Emergency Response Capture

Outline was contacted with an urgent imagery request to fly over and capture a
peak flood event threatening a regional community in remote Northern Territory.
This event was due to eventuate less than 48 hours from the first contact with the
client requiring a fast turnaround time and image capture within a very specific
time window.

MicrosoftTeams-image (8)


“With the Vexcel and ADS imagery, there is a certain amount of colour correcting needed,  however, the Phase One camera needs very little if any correction”

Landgate WA, Photogrammetry

“It has saved us a serious amount of money. We would like to further investigate the ability to use the imagery for exploration”

Exploration Manager, Mining

Happy with the imagery and no issue with the data. The project was very well executed.

Spatial Data Co-ordinator, Vic State Govt

"I want to thank you all for a remarkable season. [...] this year which would not have been possible without your hard work and dedication every day for the past few months. You guys are the real Remote Sensing MVPs!"

Principal Project Officer, Remote Sensing

“We believe this may be the best dataset we have ever received for this project. The imagery is very crisp and the colours are excellent”

Senior Data Manager, Victoria Government

"The imagery looks really sharp and realistic.Thanks again for a good job"

Senior Data Manager, Mining

"Happy with the imagery and no issue with the data. The project was very well executed"

Spatial Information Officer, Qld State Govt


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