Fire Ants Beware: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

News December 2010: Fire Ant Detection, Biosecurity Queensland, Australia
Biosecurity Queensland appoints Outline to develop and operate a high resolution integrated multispectral and thermal airborne sensor for the early detection and control of fire ants as part of the National Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) eradication program in Queensland.
The appointment of Outline follows the success of the trial program in 2009 where Outlines remote sensing technology was used to detect RIFA mounds where existing technology was unsuitable.
The potential for this project to give Biosecurity Queensland the edge in eradicating the RIFA mounds and potentially save the State valuable resources make the project not only technically challenging but very exciting.
The resolution and spatial accuracy of Outline imaging technologies are truly amazing; just take a look at some of the RFIA imagery under the Environmental Gallery. Regular news posts will be made at key milestones in this project.