Forest Inventory Assessment – Feb 2011

Outline has been awarded a tightly contested tender for the provision of the necessary LiDAR, multispectral imagery and ground based services to assist the Forest Products Commission (FPC) in conducting a resource based inventory of its selected Pinus Radiata estates in the Blackwood Valley plantation estate, South West of Western Australia.

Services include;

  1. The provision of high accuracy LiDAR survey of plantations
  2. 50cm resolution 4-band (colour and NIR) Outline ImageryTM
  3. Ground-based sampling of tree biometrics including canopy height, mean top height, basal area, stocking rate and stand volume for use in analysis of the LiDAR data and derivation of stocking rates and stand volumes.
  4. Analysis of the LIDAR data in conjunction with the ground sample data to model the stocking rates and stand volumes on a ‘whole of forest’ basis.