Multispectral Imagery – May 2012 | Sandalwood tree images

Australia is the largest producer of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album), a threatened species native to South India and is grown in and around Kununurra in the north of Western Australia. Sandalwood prices have risen to over $1000 per tonne making it a very valuable resource and one worthwhile looking after.

Outline recently provided airborne multispectral imagery and analytical services to quantify a Sandalwood plantation resource. Identifying individual tree crowns is complicated by the fact that  sandalwood trees are hemiparasitic, meaning they rely on host trees in order to grow successfully.  The primary challenge is to differentiate between the sandalwood and host trees. To do this Outline used a methodology of combining multispectral (colour and near ifra-red) imagery, a grid of plantation adjusted sample plots, automated and manual image analysis to determine the number of trees in each plantation with associated confidence intervals.