Images are not all created equal – Nov 19

At Outline Imagery we pride ourselves on offering premium quality products and services. However, talk is cheap and the proof is in the pudding! In this post we illustrate the subtle differences between ‘standard‘ quality and ‘premium‘ quality images. This is not to say that premium quality has to come at a premium price, quite the opposite in fact. Outline’s premium quality imagery is well priced and backed up by high levels of service and commitment to project delivery, albeit sometimes under difficult operating conditions. A recent example of this was imaging islands off the far north Queensland coast where there are only ever a handful of cloud free days each month. Outline’s image capture crew were able to position locally and wait on standby for just the right moment to fly the surveys. Job well done.

The samples below showing aerial photographs with the cadastral boundaries overlaid, notice the subtle differences in colour representation and image clarity between the 1st standard quality and the 2nd premium quality images.

1 – Standard Quality Aerial Image – Other suppliers
2 – Premium Quality Aerial Image – Outline Imagery