Like finding a needle in a haystack – July 2020

We have lift-off!

Biosecurity Queensland commissioned Outline to commence with a pilot production project as part of an ongoing effort to realise a broad scale aerial surveillance solution for detecting Red Import Fire Ant (RIFA) nests in the greater Brisbane area. This week we had lift-off as Outline’s bespoke 7-band Gtech™ aerial image capture system (affectionately known here as the Gtech™ Solenoptix) together with Outlines world leading Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed to survey vast areas of land and locate RIFA nests.

Lets look as some numbers to put this effort in context. The 7-band system will be capturing about 68,000 images each week at very high resolutions starting from 1cm in size for the colour band – yes that one image pixel for every square centimetre of ground imaged! This generates approximately 79 Terabytes TB (or 79,000 Gigabytes GB) of raw data over 7 different bands in just one week of capture.

Some of this data is for used for model training and some for model validation. To support the aerial surveillance and the model ‘learning‘, Bio-security Queensland has teams of field workers diligently capturing accurate locations of known RIFA nests and feeding this data through to the Outline AI team for use in training the AI models.

Red Imported Fire Ants – through the eye on the Gtech™ Solenoptix camera system