Mahogany Plantation Imagery – August 2011

Another remotely located multispectral imagery project delivered on time and to specification.

Outline recently completed the acquisition of multispectral imagery for various African Mahogany plantation areas in remote areas of the Northern Territories. Imagery was processed and delivered within one week of acquisition inclusive of georeferenced seamless colour (RGB) and near infra red (NIR) mosaics. Value-added products included the generation of NDVI grids and deliver of all data already set up in an open-source GIS package to allow the end user to view and work with the imagery data immediately.

Outline’s new generation automated tree counting algorithms were tested on the imagery data to establish the suitability for establishing accurate stocking and mortality rates. Results were very encouraging as each tree was mapped as a point feature from the NIR image band. Summary statistics, generated per paddock, provide a very accurate estimate of stocking rates comparable with manual tree counting or even an on-ground sampling regime.