Ocean Imagery – Benthic habitat mapping a tremendous success – Feb 2013

For the fifth consecutive year,  Outline has delivered ocean imagery of the Owen Anchorage off the coast of Fremantle WA.

Capturing imagery of the seafloor makes for quite a challenge. To maximise the possibility of capturing water penetrating imagery, careful account needs to be taken of the weather conditions, sun angles, sea swell, wind speed, all the while managing Perth Air Traffic Control communications. In past years, Outline has met the challenge of acquiring imagery under these difficult circumstances, and this year was no different.

“The capture of aerial imagery with high levels of water penetration and pixel information is critical to our habitat mapping process. Our clients make use of our habitat mapping services because we combine the best input datasets possible (eg aerial imagery, video tows and sidescan sonar) with expert in-house habitat classification to deliver a highly accurate product. Furthermore, custom flown aerial imagery of this kind allows Oceanica to map seabed use and shoreline conditions over time, a common terrestrial task but one more complicated in the marine environment.

Outline Global regularly captures aerial imagery to our specifications and each year the imagery exceeds our ever increasing expectations.”