Outline Global win Regional Award for Innovation & Commercialisation – March 21

The team at Outline Global are thrilled to announce that we have won the regional Award for Innovation & Commercialisation at the 2020 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards which recognise the most significant individuals and projects in the Surveying and Spatial Industry.

Outline won the award for our work on Biosecurity Queensland’s Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) eradication program .

Our solution involved the creation of a custom seven-band image capture system, based on the Outline GTechTM camera pod technology  paired with a bespoke Outline Artificial Intelligence model. The system was able to detect the spectral signature of RIFA nests, distinguishing them from other infield features like rocks, manure, wood and bare earth. The solution was capable of processing and interpreting large volumes of ultra-high resolution spatial data in providing a scalable solution to identify RIFA nest locations with a high level of confidence.

Judges from the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute who administer the award commended Outline on the level of innovation shown and application of spatial and digital technologies to address significant biosecurity issues.

Our CEO, Ross Lewin, was grateful to receive the award as recognition of the significant efforts of the Outline team in developing a world-first solution to an enormous ecological and economic issue for Australia and recognised the instrumental role of Biosecurity Queensland in the project.

With a successful pilot project completed in 2020, plans are underway to launch a full production project for the winter 2021 surveillance season and beyond.