Aerial Light Detection and Ranging

Aerial Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a very efficient and effective surveying and mapping technology. A distinctive feature of LiDAR is the ability to penetrate vegetation to reveal the ground levels that lie beneath. LiDAR is a scalable product that may be used to survey wide tracts of land very quickly such as for future minesites or transport corridors or may be used for highly detailed mapping. The uses for LiDAR are wide and varied and the technology is routinely deployed by government agencies, surveyors, environmental companies and the resources sector.

Outline global's GtechTM Lx240 LiDAR system not only captures LiDAR but high resolution digital imagery at the same time. Together, this data can be configured to match your project requirements.

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We have a unique offering combining safe, industrial grade UAS/Drone operations with advanced photogrammetry for data processing