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Location based Artificial Intelligence

Ever wondered what all the 'AI' fuss is about?

Well, Outline is a leader in applying spatially enabled AI models to a range of 'real world' solutions. Through the process of developing AI solutions we have gained the experience required to take ideas from research stage through to production - when the true marvels of AI are realised.

Our AI toolbox is tried and tested and shown to be scalable, reliable and applicable to large spatial datasets.
These are some of our AI model applications:

  • Turtle track counts and species identification
  • Automated vegetation change detection and reporting for mining
  • Biosecurity - Detection or Red Imported Fireants
  • Forest Inventory, biomass, canopy stratification, plant health

Our AI development and production services include:

  • Free, initial 'use case' discussion with customers
  • Spatial modelling research and development
  • Prototype model development
  • Production implementation and planning
  • Full production roll-out and management
  • AI model maintenance and continued learning

Find out more about the real, measurable benefits of using our industry ready spatial AI services.

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