Colour Aerial Imagery

Crisp, clear imagery from 2cm to 20cm pixel resolution

Aerial Imagery

Uncompromising sensor quality means we capture colour images, with true colour depth and sharpness unparalleled in the aerial survey industry. When the finer details like sharpness and colour matter then we have the product. Remember, all images are not created equal!

Colour Aerial imagery (combination of Red, Green and Blue) is what we are accustomed to seeing with our own eyes.

Colour images can be used for most applications such as making maps, using in a Geographic Information System (GIS) for overlaying vector layers like contours, boundaries, infrastructure, tenements etc.

These images are also good for using in report and for general visualisation of an area.

When viewed together with elevation data or contours the landscape can be tilted and viewed in 3D with suitable software.

Outline captures colour aerial photography Perth at resolutions as small as 2cm, that means each pixel on the ground is 2x2cm in size. With very high resolutions like this, a whole new range of opportunities emerge such as counting turtle tracks off beaches or identifying specific pipeline features like rust and types of joins. Traditionally this type of data is captured using Drones UAV UAS . While this technology is great for small accessible areas, Outline’s aerial mapping Perth systems can capture 10’s or 100’ of km2 at this scale in a short time.


Unparalleled Image Quality

Cost Effective

Large or Small Areas

GIS Ready

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Reporting, planning, measuring or other GIS applications, our colour imagery provides fantastic value for money